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Curriculum Maps and KS2 Results

Curriculum Statement

In the course of the summer term 2018 we reviewed our curriculum across the school.  We continue to follow the National Curriculum and have built on this to create cohesive and exciting provision in all years that is closely linked to our new vision of providing 21st century learning for the 21st century child.

The terms have been titled Past, Present and Future. We have worked hard to include elements in each term that will help to give the children a sense of their place in the past, present and future of the world in which they live.  While all the subjects will be covered new aspects will be brought in. During their time at Bispham Drive these will include a study of modern architecture, a visit to the Contemporary Art Museum or an exploration of the issues of the day such as sustainability and the role of the global citizen.

We are also committed to supporting  the emotional health and wellbeing of the children at Bispham Drive as they seek to make sense of the multimedia, fast changing world in which they are growing up.  Philosophy for Children will continue to be an important part of our curriculum and this year we will introduce focussed work on understanding how to function safely in a digital world.  We are also expanding further our emotional literacy education so everyone can access it.

To find out more details of what your child will study this year please look at the curriculum map tag on your child’s class page on the school website.

Below each year has a curriculum map giving details of what is being taught this academic year.

Curriculum Maps Year 3

Curriculum Maps Year 4

Curriculum Maps Year 5

Curriculum Maps Year 6

We meet the needs of the Primary Curriculum using a creative approach where subjects are taught both discreetly and thematically. In line with the increased challenge of the new curriculum, all aspects of English are taught, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, handwriting, spelling and speaking and listening. In maths we not only teach what the children need to know, but deepen their learning to promote confidence in the subject. Science is also an important subject and we regularly support children in for practical work driven by their own questions and decisions.

All other subjects: history, geography, French, art, music, computing, design and technology, physical education and PSHE are covered; many through themed topic work which ensures many creative opportunities are given. Religious Education is also covered in line with statutory requirements and we regularly have visitors in school to talk to children or give assemblies which supports learning.

We are actively using technology to support our teaching and many of our pupils access and return their homework online, receiving feedback from their teachers in the same way (although paper copies are always available for those who prefer this format).

Creativity and inspiration is at the heart of teaching and learning within the school underpinned by the positive relationships that pupils and staff build. We have five key values that are used throughout the school: honesty, kindness, courage, respect and resilience.

The combination of enthusiastic teaching, an exciting and inspirational curriculum and well behaved children supported by involved families means that our pupils leave school well prepared for the next stage of their education.

National Curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2 in England, 2018

KS2 Results 2016

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KS 2 Results 2018

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