• Welcome to Columba 2017-18

    NERF gun creator, Shane Matthews, helps us to design wind turbines.

    Our new class pets. We have two. We will name them when are back at school.

    Mini teachers demonstrate different methods of multiplication.

    Columba Treat Afternoon

    Great news! Everyone in Columba has stayed green this half term and will be included in our treat afternoon, on Thursday.

    The children chose to have a pyjama party as their treat so will be allowed to bring PJs, onesies, dressing gowns etc and a cuddly toy if they wish. If children want to bring sweets and drinks that will be fine but please no fizzy drinks or glass bottles.

    The film we will watch is yet to be arranged but will be suitable for 9-10 year olds and will have either a U or PG certificate.

    Some children were disappointed with the outcome of this vote, so if they refer they can bring in football kit and play football outside. These children may bring energy drinks if they wish but again no fizzy drinks or glass bottles.

    Thanks to all the children in Columba for being amazing and remaining green all half term.

    Ms Miller