• Welcome!

    Mr Ellis, Mrs Linley and all of the children in ‘Heroic’ Hydra welcome you to our class page. In Hydra, we embody each and every one of Bispham’s core values in everything we do. We are honest and helpful, enthusiastic and engaged, respectful and resilient and open-minded and kind. We are a great team because everybody is valued and while we have a lot of fun and laughs, we take collective responsibility seriously. We are ALL heroes in Hydra!

    To see all that we have been up to so far, please see below. What a great start to the year we have had!

    English in Hydra

    We began the term by looking at instruction texts and their key features. Linking this to our book for the year, George’s Marvellous Medicine, the class came up with sets of instructions, to make some of their own. From paint to beans and most things in between, all the ingredients under the sun made it into our instructions. Having mastered instructions, we moved on to explanation texts, focusing on their similarities and differences with instructions. This was a challenge, but with help from Horrid Henry illustrator Tony Ross, we were soon writing their own explanations.

    What better way to capture the magic of autumn than to create some outstanding Haikus? We spent some time walking around the school grounds, using our five senses to inspire our poems. Mrs Linley, our resident ‘Haiku Queen’, is now vying for her crown after some outstanding Haikus were produced by the children. We currently have a display, proudly showcasing many of the excellent Haikus, so pop in if you would like to see for yourself!

    Hydra have continued surfing the wave of success in English and have been analysing fantasy stories, identifying settings, characters and context. The children have produced some brilliant fantasy stories of their own using the mysterious ‘Eye of the Storm’ video for inspiration. It was fantastic to see the children get so emotionally involved with the clip and enabled them to create some interesting fantasy stories.

    The ‘Eye of the Storm’ video:  http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1mX8.

    Maths in Hydra

    In Hydra, maths is exciting and rewarding. We have ensured that the children in Hydra get frequent opportunities to work practically. In practice, this means transforming our tables into gigantic whiteboards (sorry, Mr Oldham), along with our new maths boxes and using games and activities where appropriate to support a deeper understanding.

    Using Base 10 and counters for addition

    Ultimately, the children in Hydra are enthusiastic about maths and are able to take more control over their own learning. Some children took it upon themselves to survey their peers to find out their favourite subject. It is great to hear that the overwhelming majority of children in Hydra chose maths!

    Eureka! (There is a dice just out of view!)

    Hydra have rapidly progressed in Maths, starting with learning about place value up to 4 digits and moving on to addition and subtraction. The class have developed a secure understanding of place value and can apply this in various contexts and problems. This autumn term, Hydra have been busy learning about multiplication & division and graphs. The children have impressed the year 4 team with their enthusiasm for written methods and the accuracy of their graphs. It was hard to bring some lessons to a close!

    We are currently learning about Fractions in Maths. We encourage the children to keep checking the Google Classroom to support their learning in class. Below are some pictures (of the modest, camera-shy children) showing what we have been up to.


    We’re focusing on building confidence for everyone in Maths and will continue with lunchtime sessions at 1pm on a topic basis, for those that need (or want) extra support. As a year 4 team, we are so proud of our classes for their resilience and drive to succeed. Many children in our classes actually ask to spend the last 15 minutes of their lunchtime doing extra maths! We also strongly encourage the children to practise times tables at home as this forms the basis for the majority of our learning in maths.

    Science in Hydra

    Last half-term in science, we focused on biology, particularly studying the human body. We learnt all about the digestive system, each organ involved and their different functions. We were able to confidently label detailed diagrams of the digestive system, identifying the role and position of every section.

    We were incredibly impressed by Hydra’s knowledge of teeth. With little input, the class worked together to name each different type of tooth and their unique function in the mouth. With this knowledge, the class began planning an experiment, using eggshell to represent teeth. We placed eggshells into a range of liquids including milk, coke and lemonade, to see which would decay the tooth fastest. We ensured the test was carried out in a fair and safe manner.

    Our bright sparks in Hydra are currently learning about Electricity in Science and the Year 4 team are buzzing to see those ‘lightbulb moments’. Keep an eye on this page to see ‘watt’ we get up to this half term (Mr Ellis’ puns don’t get any better)!


    • Spellings are given on a Monday and need to be revised over the week for the test on the following Monday.
    • Children should practise their times tables as much as possible. The National Curriculum expectation is to be proficient at times tables up to 12x by the end of Year 4. We have a mental Maths session on a Friday. This is also an opportunity for children to be tested on their times tables.
    • Children should aim to read at home every day. This does not have to always be a school book. We value all types of reading, from holiday brochures and take-away menus to sport reviews and recipes.
    • We’re really excited to send our ‘Buzzy Bee’ home on a Friday for children to write all about their weekend together! Make sure you watch out for that, you might be the lucky person chosen out of the lollipop sticks!

    What an amazing start to Year 4! Let’s keep up the great work. 🙂

    Mr Ellis & Mrs Linley.