• Welcome to Leo

    Maths in Leo- Spring

    From the first day Leo have blown us away with their ability in, and enthusiasm for Maths. Knockout times tables games are always a thrilling spectacle in our class!

    We finished the last term by focusing on area and perimeter, and generally building upon and refining measuring and scale-reading skills. In Maths this term, we’ve been working on developing practical, real life skills. We began with a recap of time, converting 12 and 24 hour time and solving some really challenging word problems.

    We’ve also moved onto money, using mental maths skills as well as formal written methods to calculate different prices.

    We’re focusing on building confidence for everyone in Maths and will continue with lunchtime sessions at 1pm on a topic basis, for those that need and want extra support. Practicing times tables at home will massively help everyone in Leo with upcoming Maths topics.

    Here are Leo measuring the perimeter of some massive shapes in the hall!

    Easter play- ‘Go for Gold’

    Last term, every pupil in year 4 made Bispham proud with their breath-taking performance of ‘Go For Gold’ for their Easter play. From the lighting and sound technicians to Zeus himself, the children showed professionalism, commitment and passion, delivering an outstanding production. They demonstrated a mature understanding of the plot and characters, and worked tirelessly in rehearsals, dancing, singing and acting their hearts out every step of the way! The year 4 team still can’t get the songs out of their heads!

    Reader of The Week

    In Leo, pupils can submit book reviews, which we read as a class on Friday afternoons. Since we started Reader of The Week before Christmas, the number and quality of reviews have been steadily increasing and reading them has become one of our favourite parts of the week. The reviews are a great way to generate discussion around the books the children are enjoying, as well as giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the text. It’s amazing to see them engaging with their books, and taking so much pride in their book reviews.

    The reader of the week is awarded with an HTA, gets to sit on our class mascot, Alfred for the week and takes up the important responsibility of organising our Spring reading corner for the week.