• Welcome to Leo

    Maths in Leo

    From the first day Leo have blown us away with their ability in, and enthusiasm for Maths. Knockout times tables games are always a thrilling spectacle in our class.

    Leo have rapidly progressed in Maths, beginning the term with reading and writing 4 digit numbers and ending on column addition and subtraction. The class have developed an acute understanding of place value and can apply this in various contexts and problems. Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 posed a challenge for the class but with resilience, including attending extra lunchtime sessions, we’re generally feeling a lot more confident with it.

    We’re focusing on building confidence for everyone in Maths and will continue with lunchtime sessions at 1pm on a topic basis, for those that need and want extra support. Practicing times tables at home will massively help everyone in Leo with upcoming Maths topics.

    Science in Leo


    This year in science, we’re focusing on biology, particularly studying the human body. We learnt all about the digestive system, each organ involved and their different functions. Leo were quickly labelling detailed diagrams of the digestive system, identifying the role and position of every section. We were incredibly impressed by Leo’s knowledge of Teeth. Without any input, the class worked together to name each different type of tooth and their unique function in the mouth. With this knowledge, the class began planning an experiment, using eggshell to represent teeth. We placed eggshells in various liquids such as vinegar, coke, lemonade and coffee, to see which would decay the tooth fastest. Leo ensured the test was fairly and safely carried out.


    The decay experiment