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    Optimistic Orion


    Spring 2

    This term the children will be learning about the human body and how to keep healthy. This includes learning about maintaining a balanced diet as well creating their own balanced meal in the form of a pasta salad with  a choice of their own ingredients. Within this project, children will also be studying packaging from well known brands and designing vibrant packaging, with all the necessary information on.

    This ties nicely in with our English work, where the children will be learning about famous stunt performer, Philippe Petit, in the book ‘The Man Who Walked Between The Towers’.

    Spring 1

    This term Orion will be travelling back in time to learn all about Ancient Egyptians. The class will enjoy lots of fun filled lessons, learning everything from Egyptian gods they used to worship, to how they mummified the bodies…Yuk! This all ties nicely with the book the class are studying within English titled ‘The Scarab Secret’, where the children will be creating their own suspense stories.

    Autumn 2

    This term Year 3 will learning all about the Stone Age. Within this topic, the class will be learning about how people in the Stone Age survived, cave paintings, and the animals that existed. This ties perfectly into our Science topic of ‘Rocks & Soils’, where the class will conducting investigations with igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Linking to this topic, the children will also enjoy a trip to the cinema to watch the film ‘Early Man’. All this, topped with a Christmas production to prepare for…What a fun-filled, jam-packed half term!

    Autumn 1

    Bispham Drive would like to welcome our new starters in Year 3! This term the class are introduced to their first ‘Past’ term of the Curriculum (see the class ‘Curriculum’ page for more information). Within this, they will be focusing on tradition tales, including writing their own version of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist! Also the class will be learning about the countries and cities of the UK as well as our local area, Toton. Keep checking the class Twitter pages (below) for regular updates on your child’s learning!