• Welcome

    Welcome to Volans’ class page! I am looking forward to an exciting year with lots of fun learning. Keep checking back for updates to find out what we have been getting up to in school. 

    Welcome Back!

    Hopefully everyone has had a nice, relaxing break and is ready to dive into another term. I can’t believe it’s the summer term already- the year is flying by! Our topic for this half term is going to be ‘Rainforests’. We’ll be learning all about where the rainforests are, how plants and animals live there and looking at what we can do to protect and preserve the rainforests. We’ll also be doing some rainforest inspired artwork, and I’m hoping the weather turns a bit more summery so we can make use of the school grounds for this.  

    Reward Afternoon

    For Thursday’s reward afternoon, Volans have chosen to watch a film. Children may bring in their own clothes from home to change into if they wish. I will also be providing biscuits and sweets for the children during the film so no need to bring their own. Well done to all those children who have worked hard to earn the reward afternoon! 

    Non Uniform Monday

    Well done to everyone in Volans for earning a non uniform day on Monday! The children have worked hard and as a team to make sure they got no yellow or red cards this week and their efforts have paid off. Let’s see how many non uniform Mondays we can get before the end of the year! 

    Sherwood Forest Residential

    The residential was a jam packed three days and everyone had a fantastic time! Here are some photos of our trip. Click on the image gallery to scroll through the photos. 

    Sherwood Forest Residential.

    It’s not long to go until Volans’ long awaited residential. Make sure you pack lots of warm clothes as it looks like we’re in for a cold few days! On Monday morning, children will need to come and drop off their bags in the covered area and give any medication to the member of staff who is there. Children will need to have a packed lunch with them on Monday, which they will carry with them on the bus to eat when we get to Sherwood Forest. I’m looking forward to a fun few days full of exciting activities and delicious breakfasts! 

    World Book Day

    World Book Day is fast approaching and this year, each class has chosen an author to base their costumes on. Children in Volans will know who our author is (have a look on google classroom if you need a reminder) but make sure you keep it top secret until the 1st March because other classes will be trying to guess who our author is based on our costumes on the day. Fancy dress days are my favourite days in school and I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes!  

    Treat Afternoon

    Our next treat afternoon is Thursday 15th February and Volans have decided they would like a toy and games afternoon like we have at Christmas. Children are welcome to bring in board games and toys to play in the afternoon, but these must not be able to connect to the internet and must be fully charged as we are not able to plug anything in at school. Please could I also ask that collectors cards (Pokemon/Match Attacks etc) are not brought in for the treat afternoon, as from previous experience, these tend to cause arguments. I’m looking forward to a fun afternoon with those children who have earned the reward this half term!


    Next week is Bikeability week. Volans will be going out all day on Monday for their turn so make sure you bring your bikes if you’ve signed up to Bikeability. You can take them home at the end of the day as you won’t need them on Tuesday.

    Welcome back! 

    It’s nice to see everybody relaxed after the half term holiday! I have enjoyed hearing lots of stories from children about all the exciting things they got up to over the week. 

    This term, our topic is the Vikings. We’ll be learning all about where they came from, how they lived and why they were famous for raiding and invading. I’ve already had lots of children telling me bits of information that they know about the Vikings – it’s nice to see them so enthusiastic! 

    We’ll be spending the first few weeks looking at Macbeth and then moving on to Kensuke’s Kingdom in English. This is a fantastic story, full of adventure, desert islands and lots and lots of monkeys! I can’t wait to get started on it and I hope the children enjoy it as much as I do. 

    Christmas has started in Year 5 as we have started rehearsing for our Christmas show today. We’ve begun reading through the script and have learnt a few of the songs. The children are really excited to get on the stage and start performing!  

    English in Volans

    This half term, we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and learning all about how to write a good adventure story. So far, the children have practised writing some enticing story openings, some dramatic action scenes and have kept me on the edge of my seat with some cliffhanger endings. I am looking forward to reading their finished stories when they write their whole story. 

    Christmas Activities

    Over the next few days, there will be lots of fun activities going on in school in the run up to the Christmas holidays! There are a couple of non-uniform days and also some days where children can bring in toys and games if they wish. Here is an overview so you know what’s going on on each day:

    Friday 15th – Non uniform with a Christmas jumper (£1 for save the children)

    Monday 18th – Normal school uniform and behaviour reward afternoon. 

    Tuesday 19th – Normal school uniform in the morning. Bring party clothes to change into in the afternoon for Christmas party afternoon.

    Wednesday 20th – Normal school uniform. You can bring in toys and games to play but nothing electronic please.

    Spring 1

    Welcome back after the Christmas break! I’ve enjoyed hearing about all the things the children got up to during the holidays and it sounds like everyone had a fun and relaxing time. 


    Our topic this half term is Earth and Space. This is one of my favourite topics and I can’t wait to get started on it. In English, we’ll be writing sci-fi adventures stories with a little help from the Star Wars stories. Our topic and science lessons are where we’ll be exploring outer space, the planets and finding out all about our solar system. I’ve seen lots of space books being shared in class during reading time and I’m really impressed with how keen the children are to learn about this topic. We’ll be finishing off the half term with a trip to the National Space Centre, which will really bring the topic alive for the children and will undoubtedly be a fantastic day out.