dove columba

Autumn Term

An exciting start to the year will see the class transition into Year 5, where they will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This topic links to English lessons, where the class are reading the ancient tale of Beowulf. From this, the children will create their own ‘defeating the monster’ tale, using all the knowledge and skills they have acquired through topic work.

Within Maths, children will develop their knowledge of Place Value and Addition and Subtraction.

Spring term

Because of lockdown, all learning is being delivered via our online platforms of Google Classroom and Century. The children will be learning as close to the curriculum content they usually would in school. Our topic of ‘Ay up me duck’ focuses on the history of Robin Hood and the geography relating to Nottingham. From this, we are taking a leaf out of Robin’s book by learning about and helping those less fortunate than us with a particular focus on homelessness on our own doorstep in Nottingham. All work is set daily using our ‘Creative Columba’ Google Classroom page.

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