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    A fantastic start to a fantastic year!

    Mr Ellis – Sunday 9th September 2018

    I write this first post on our class blog following the first short week back. Just like many of the children I am sure, this time last week I was starting to feel those ‘back to school jitters’. After our first three days together, I know I needn’t have.

    What an incredible start to the year, with all of the children impressing me with how Year 4-ready they are. As you’d expect, we have crammed as much into these three days as possible in setting ourselves up for the year. Just as importantly however, we have spent a lot of this time getting to know our new Year 4’s.

    Having spoken to the other members of the Year 4 team, we all agreed that getting to know each child as an individual was a priority and that their happiness is essential for effective learning. Mr Jones in particular has a deep passion for mental health and wellbeing issues and this will be a key focus for us this year in our drive to prepare our children for their bright futures. We have spent the first few days emphasising the importance of being kind to ourselves and others and it has led us to create a ‘Kind Acts of the Week’ board. I think we will need a bigger space for this, as we filled it in just three days!

    I am sure the children will soon take over this blog, so to the relief of many, this may be my last post for a while! I look forward to meeting more parents and carers in the coming weeks and keeping you up to date with what our class is getting up to via the Class Page, Blog and school Twitter feed.

    Mr E 🙂