• Homework

    Support at Home

    We are sure you understand just how it important it is to support your child’s learning at home. In line with the school’s policy, we do not have set homework.

    Instead, we have an expectation that children:

    Spellings Practise

    Children will be given new spellings every Friday and tested the following week. We find regular practise really boosts children’s confidence in literacy.

    Times Tables Practise

    The National Curriculum expectation is to be proficient at times tables up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4. We have a mental Maths session on a Friday but regular practise and support at home is essential. Due to the curriculum expectation that children can recall times tables almost instantly, a great online resource we often use in Hydra is ‘Hit The Button’. It’s effective for practising times tables and best of all, it’s brilliant fun! BEWARE: it can become very competitive, as we know all too well in our class! ( https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button )


    This is most effective with an adult but reading to an older sibling is great too. Please remember to sign your child’s Personal Organiser (P.O) as we hold exciting ‘Reading Teas’ for avid readers – they really are the talk of the school. Although your child will be provided with an appropriate book from our magical library, we value all types of reading. Anything appropriate around the house will do, including holiday brochures and take-away menus to sport reviews and recipes. We learn about a range of text types so broadening your child’s bank of knowledge of these will greatly support their learning in school.

    Flipped Learning

    We will occasionally ask our children to complete a ‘flipped learning’ task over a weekend. More often than not, this consists of viewing a video on YouTube or a website (for which we provide the direct link and recommend adult supervision). This allows your child to pre-learn our new topic area and boost their confidence before they even step into school. Of course, we fully understand that certain circumstances mean some children cannot always engage with online learning and we ask that you inform us if you have any difficulties so we can provide the children with these resources in school time.