Reading for Pleasure

“You can’t teach pleasure: you have to share it.”

Frank Cottrell-Boyce 

At Bispham Drive, we acknowledge the importance of reading for pleasure as a springboard for enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers who want to read of their own volition. Our aim is to establish a community of readers that share, recommend and discuss a variety of texts together. Research shows that reading plays a crucial role in life outcomes and so we believe nurturing a passion for reading is one of the greatest things we can instill in our children and we all have a part to play in this process.


We aim to promote Reading for Pleasure in these ways:

  • By developing an ethos and environment that excites, enthuses and inspires.
    Our class book corners are filled with a variety of texts, comfy areas and displays. Many classrooms have the popular and coveted ‘Teacher’s library’ where children can borrow a treasured book belonging to their teacher.
    Our library is a treasure trove of books that we endeavour to keep up to date, as well as being a super space to listen to or read a story. 

Our Library

  • By providing a range of high quality texts.
    We have been extremely lucky as funds raised from our Book Fairs and donations from our Bispham Friends Group have  enabled  us to buy high quality, up to date books for the library and classrooms.
  •  By dedicating time to read, share and enjoy books in school.
    The school day is structured to include some independent reading for pleasure time, where children can engage with a variety of texts individually, in pairs or as part of a small group everyday. In addition, the class share a book together at the end of  most days. Having these texts in common allows for book talk and blethers, opinions and recommendations and increases engagement in the social act of reading.
  • By ensuring teachers are knowledgeable about children’s literature.
    One of the most important factors in promoting a love of reading for children  is adult involvement and participation. The teachers at Bispham are committed to broadening their knowledge of contemporary authors and reading a wider variety of children’s texts.
  • By creating a community of readers with opportunities to share responses and opinions.
    Bispham Bookworms is our dedicated Classroom page for the whole school community to share and discuss books, poetry, non-fiction, magazines, comics and blogs.

We hope to expand our community of readers to include parents and carers and the wider community in the future.There are links on this page to help families engage in lots of reading activities together and we encourage you to share with us (via our class pages or Twitter) any reading activities that you participate in.

Looking for something new to read? 
Have a look at the Book Trust Best new children’s books 2023 list.

Top ten books (7-11) that you can listen to.
Maybe you could recommend it to someone else in your class or on Bookworms Google Classroom.
Click here to download the list, choose a book (remember the age range is up to 11 -so choose carefully or with an adult), find somewhere comfy (or make a reading den) and have a listen. PLEASE make sure an adult is aware – or even better, get them to listen to the story with you!🤪You could then discuss the book afterwards – #booksincommon #bookblether 📚📚📚