The Volans constellation is roughly in the shape of a fish!

Our last morning at Sherwood Forest saw Volans exploring some transient art and learning about William Morris and his art work, which had many nature themes. The children then drew their own designs thinking about repeating patterns and symmetry.

A brilliant start to our Columba residential, we had lunch with Volans who shared some stories, then said goodbye and went for our wander through the Forest of Old with Robin Hood. During our nighttime walk we enjoyed seeing the snow fall in our torchlight and heard some owls!

Day two on our Volans residential saw us working together as teams. We first explored some orienteering, then had some challenges to work through together and lastly we had a go at building natural dens. We also got a chance to see and learn about some medieval weaponry.

Day one For Volans residential in Sherwood Forest involved a wonderful story through the Forest of Old with Robin Hood himself. We travelled back in time and learned the history of the wood and legend of the hood! We also explored our environment and went for a night time walk.

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