Reading Statement

At Bispham Drive Junior School we want to foster a lifelong love of reading; where children choose to read and share their pleasure of reading with others. Reading is the most important factor to enable children to access all other areas of learning and we believe that every child can be a reader. Alongside promoting an enthusiasm for reading, we teach children a wide range of reading skills so that they can decode and read fluently and for meaning. 

We support the development of each child’s reading in a number of ways:
Fostering a Love of Reading: Our primary goal is to nurture a deep and lasting affection for reading among our children. This is a fundamental building block for a successful education.
Reading Culture: The promotion of a positive reading culture within the school is evident through the provision of well-stocked whole school and class libraries. The main library is light and spacious with many books for the children to choose from and they are encouraged to do so as frequently as they wish. It is open on Monday and Thursday after school for those who wish to browse, change their books or read together with an adult from home. Staff are on hand to give recommendations or read with children.  Giving them easy access to books and encouraging them to choose and read at their own pace is a powerful way to create a love for reading.
Reading as a Foundation for Learning: Reading is the gateway to accessing all other areas of learning. By promoting strong reading skills, they are empowering students for academic success.
Reading Skills Development: We place a strong emphasis on teaching a wide range of reading skills, including decoding and comprehension. This holistic approach ensures that children read fluently and understand what they read. Reading skills is taught through whole-class reading sessions and guided groups.
Phonics Program: We prioritise early reading and provide individual or small group support for individuals who need it.  The Little Wandle Rapid Catch Up phonics programme provides high-quality phonics instruction. This systematic approach is effective in helping children become confident readers.
Parental Involvement: We recognise the importance of parental involvement in supporting children’s reading development. Encouraging regular reading at home is a vital component of a child’s reading journey.  The personal organiser has some top tips for reading with children but please come and speak to us if you would like to discuss this further.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to reading that intertwines a passion for reading with the cultivation of reading skills, along with tailored support when needed. We firmly believe that this forms a strong foundation for children to excel academically.